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Tyler Waneka

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  • Closing a Modal on Focus Lost in AngularJS

    At SRC:CLR we have a few different modals that we use in our application. In some cases, we want the modals to close if the user clicks elsewhere on the page, or in web terms, if the focus is lost from the modal. Angular has a couple directives to help us manage focus - ngFocus and ngBlur. They work like this: <input ng-focus="doSomething()" ng-blur="doSomethingElse()"> In the example… READ MORE

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  • Nuances of two-way Data Binding in AngularJS

    When I first started looking at front end frameworks, all anyone wanted to talk about when it came to AngularJS was two-way data binding. You just connect the Model and the View and when one changes, so does the other. It's magic! It's one of the more glittery feature of AngularJS, and at times it can be extremely useful. But, what's the cost? There's always a cost. With data-binding, the (… READ MORE

  • Building a scroll progress bar with JavaScript and jQuery

    I was reading an article on the other day and I noticed this nifty little progress bar that let me know how much of the article I had left to go. I love little details such as this one. Very simple but a really nice user experience; so I decided to recreate it. My first step was to layout some basic HTML and CSS. The HTML includes a .header-container div with a header and the… READ MORE

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