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Stephen Roebuck

Stephen started working in IT as a Network Administrator in 2000 while learning about programming in his spare time. In 2008, Stephen went back to school to focus on computer science. Stephen started working at Veracode in April of 2011 as a Security Analyst.

Posts by Stephen Roebuck
  • Understanding Functionality in Dynamic Scanning

    When it comes to our dynamic scanning customers our goal, in addition to a high quality report of your code's vulnerabilities; is to also perform these scans as quickly and efficiently as we can. While there are a variety of metaphorical bumps in the road that can occur in this post we will be focusing on one we've seen quite a bit lately. The problem arises when our dynamic scanner hits a wall… READ MORE

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  • Making Assumptions – a common but dangerous programming practice

    As an application security analyst, one of my responsibilities includes studying commonly made (and easily preventable) programming mistakes that result in potential security risks. In my experience, some of the most common flaws come from the improper validation of data read from files. In most cases, a programmer has had SOME foresight and it is rare to see data from a file used with NO… READ MORE

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