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RJ Gazarek

RJ Gazarek is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Veracode, working as part of the product strategy team on the Software Composition Analysis and Greenlight product lines.  Combining 10 years of Marketing experience, an education in Psychology, and a personal background in IT, RJ brings a unique perspective to the cybersecurity market.  His job is to be the voice of Veracode's customers, while keeping a pulse on the rapidly changing market for application security.

Posts by RJ Gazarek
  • New eLearning Learner Levels Streamline Verified Progress

    Before customers buy from you, they ask “Can you prove that your application is secure, and that you will protect our data if we give it to you?” Companies around the world struggle to answer this question, especially with the advancement of DevOps and rapid changes/deployment of applications into production. As such, we launched Verified to help you prove to your customers that you adopt… READ MORE

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  • RSA Conference 2019: A Recap

    RSA is pretty amazing! I’ve been to a lot of security and tech conferences over the years, but somehow always missed the train to RSA. The show is absolutely massive, and involves an entire week of tradeoffs for an attendee – do you walk the expo hall for hours on end? Meet with customers? New prospects? Attend the sessions? Analysts? Write content? Promote on social media? Network with new… READ MORE

  • Live From RSA: Diversity and Inclusion

    At one of the keynote addresses at RSA, the opening speaker asked that everyone who identifies as a woman in the audience stand up. It was amazing to see how many women there were at the conference, but we have a long way to go. Veracode has an incredibly diverse employee base, which makes working here a great experience. We don’t have men and women, we have “Veracoders,” and we take that pretty… READ MORE

  • Live From RSA: In a World Changed by Software, Make Security Your Competitive Advantage

    At RSA, our own CEO Sam King and CTO Chris Wysopal presented to a roomful of intrigued attendees on how software has completely changed the way businesses tackle problems, how companies work everyday to change our world, and how doing so in a secure manner provides these companies with a competitive edge in the marketplace. They key takeaway, if you read nothing else is this: Companies leverage… READ MORE

  • Live from RSA: Sophia the Social Humanoid Robot

    A big theme throughout RSA this year, from the keynote to vendor booths, is the power that artificial intelligence can bring to the security world. While we do leverage machine learning at Veracode to better our vulnerability database, we thought it would be a lot more fun to bring a different form of AI to the booth this year. We invited Sophia, the world’s first social humanoid robot, to be a… READ MORE

  • Live From RSA: Coolest Things to See on the Expo Floor

    The RSA expo hall is massive. Even the word “massive” doesn’t seem to do justice to just how big the floor is and how many vendors are present. Putting it in better context, it took me an entire hour to walk by every booth at a moderate pace, and that is without stopping for conversations or getting my badge scanned. For the first night, I wanted to see everything, and make some mental notes on… READ MORE

  • Live From RSA: Opening Keynote Inspires

    The keynote presentation this year at RSA carried three major themes: Better Together, Trust, and Artificial Intelligence. Better Together We were treated with a surprise keynote opening by Dame Helen Mirren, who gave an inspirational speech on the influence that every security practitioner in the room has on the security of our world. She walked us through an exercise, asking everyone to hold up… READ MORE

  • Live From RSA: DevSecOps Days

    RSA is arguably the preeminent security conference of the year. 2019 looks to live up to the excitement with a schedule full of knowledge sharing from the top experts in our industry. All week, we will share what we are learning this year, on both our social media channels and our blog.  Monday was full of pre-conference seminars and sessions to attend, and the one that caught our eye was… READ MORE

  • How Veracode Scans Docker Containers for Open Source Vulnerabilities

    Veracode Software Composition Analysis now also scans Docker containers and images to find vulnerabilities associated with open source libraries as dependencies of the base OS image and globally installed packages. If you’re interested in understanding how containers work, the different components that make up your container ecosystem, and how that differs from virtualization, we recommend this… READ MORE

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