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Neal Byrd
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Neal Byrd

Neal Byrd is dedicated to enabling governments to thrive operationally in a digitally-driven world by protecting their citizens, employees, and global partners by ensuring their online experiences and data are secure and vigilantly protected.

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Posts by Neal Byrd
  • Veracode Achieves Public Sector…
    July 20, 2022 | By  Neal Byrd

    The software security landscape has drastically evolved over the past few years. Think back to the start of COVID-19. The sudden shift to virtual operations expediated digital transformations. Government agencies now have to release new digital products and services in tighter timeframes, causing…

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  • FedRAMP Certification: The ‘New Normal…
    May 20, 2022 | By  Neal Byrd

    In the realm of cloud security, public sector agencies have a lot on their plates. From keeping up with the barrage of constantly emerging security guidelines (see below) to the ongoing demands of maintaining software security, the pressure on the government to lock down cybersecurity is immense.…

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