Nadim Kobeissi

Nadim Kobeissi is a programmer and cryptography researcher whose work focuses on making encryption more accessible to people around the world. Nadim created Cryptocat, one of the world's most popular encrypted chat solutions, and miniLock, a new standard for file encryption. Nadim is a member of the W3C’s web cryptography working group. Currently, he works at Shapeshape, a programming studio based in Montréal.
Posts by Nadim Kobeissi

Google Chrome Apps: A Modern Way to Build a More Secure Web

October 15, 2014

developing-secure-applications-chrome.png Browsers are a common method for users to access apps and services. Even heavily mobile-centric apps (such as Instagram) are launching complementary browser versions. If you're thinking of developing a Web app, check out Google's new Chrome App model. Boasting an array of security features, the model will enable developers to build... READ MORE

Application Security: Why Skipping the Audit Can Risk Your Investment

September 10, 2014  | Managing AppSec

mobile-programmatic.jpg It's all over the news lately: new, flashy apps make it out of the oven, get great press coverage—and are hacked days later. Even the satirically simple app Yo, which sends a "Yo" message to a user's friends, was a victim. In many cases, app developers could have easily avoided massive blows to their reputations by taking planned... READ MORE

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