Mateusz Krzeszowiec

Mateusz Krzeszowiec

Mateusz Krzeszowiec is a Principal Security Researcher at Veracode. He started his career as software engineer and after good couple of years transitioned into application security. Mateusz worked as builder, breaker, and defender in a handful of enterprises. He researches various languages and technologies and contributes to Veracode's Binary Static Analysis service.

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  • .NET 5, Source Generators, and Supply…
    September 30, 2021 | By Mateusz Krzeszowiec

    IDEs and build infrastructure are being a target of various threat actors since at least 2015 when XcodeGhost has been discovered - - malware-ridden Apple Xcode IDE that enabled attackers to plant malware in iOS applications built using it.  Attacks executed…

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