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Mark Kriegsman

Mark Kriegsman, Director of Engineering, is responsible for leading the development of Veracode’s flagship static binary analysis system. In addition to providing direct technical leadership, he also works closely with Veracode’s Research and Product Management teams to refine and improve Veracode’s product offerings. Mark is a lifelong innovator and entrepreneur, with over twenty-five years experience in advanced software and systems development.

Posts by Mark Kriegsman
  • Could Your Domain Survive a DNS Attack?

    Millions of web sites suddenly became unreachable on Monday due to severe DNS-related problems at GoDaddy. Whether this was the result of a hack, or an internal problem, or a combination of both remains a hot topic, but today we're going to ask a more pragmatic question: Could your domain survive a DNS attack or failure? You may already have a robust, reliable web application infrastructure, but… READ MORE

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  • Summer 2012 Hackathon Round-Up

    You wouldn't believe what Veracoders can do in just three short days. Heck, I just watched us do it --again-- at the Summer 2012 Hackathon, and I can barely believe it myself. As you may recall, the rules of our Hackathons are simple: you have three days to design, prototype, test, refine, build, and present anything you like, provided it's legal and within our "Veracode of Conduct". Your hack… READ MORE

  • AdiOS: Say Goodbye to Nosy iPhone Apps

    Over the past week there have been a few big stories on iOS apps transmitting users’ address books as a convenience feature. Apple has even found themselves on the congressional hot seat this week about their device’s address book privacy. AllThingsD reports that Apple, faced with growing criticism that they have given iOS developers far too much access to private data without requiring a user… READ MORE

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