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Marissa Tejada

Originally from New York, Marissa is an author and journalist currently living in Greece.  As a freelance writer she specializes in two of her favorite topics: travel and tech.   When it comes to tech, she enjoys writing about the latest around third platform technologies and IT security.

Posts by Marissa Tejada
  • Is Using Third-Party Applications and Software Libraries Worth the Risk?

    There's pressure out there — and the best application developers understand it. Not only do they need to push out their projects fast and at a low cost, but they've got stiff competition from other developers and development shops. Third-party applications and libraries can speed up a developer's work by allowing him or her to use already built pieces rather than reinventing the wheel every time… READ MORE

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  • Security Showdown: The Open Source vs. Closed Source Debate

    The range of malicious behaviors that made headlines over the past year proves how close to home cybercrime can hit, and how it can harm an organization and force IT leaders to rethink their security strategies. Security teams have sought to secure their enterprise's software however they can — a need that has brought to light the question of open source vs. closed source: is one of these sources… READ MORE

  • Head in the Cloud? Agile Web Application Development Can Help

    Agile development is more than just a methodology — it's a mindset. And in the wake of a not-so-subtle reminder that we live in an increasingly insecure world, application developers are starting to see that they need to adjust their approaches and embrace agile application development to secure their software. Here's a closer look at agile and the ways in which it can ensure secure web… READ MORE

  • The Challenge of Secure Web Application Development (and What You Can Do About It)

    There's nothing more exciting than creating a hot, new web app. What isn't as exciting, however, is the inherent security risk involved. When it comes to web application development in today's increasingly digitized, mobilized, Internet-of-Things world, security measures can no longer be the afterthoughts they once were. What makes security integration such a vital aspect of app development? Let'… READ MORE

  • Managing Vendor Risk: How to Take Your Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    Name a firm that doesn't outsource its data. It's tough, right? And it's equally difficult to find a CIO who isn't concerned about cybersecurity. The fact is, outsourcing data poses security risks. The rise of technologies such as mobile, cloud and social — in addition to the shift toward an ever-connected, Internet-of-Things (IoT) world — has given cybercriminals a broader attack surface upon… READ MORE

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