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Marina Kvitnitsky

Marina Kvitnitsky is a Product Manager for Integrations at Veracode, with a mission to shift Veracode solutions left in the development process. Prior to Veracode, Marina has worked as a Product Manager for several other companies in Boston area, including Global Capacity and EMC.

Posts by Marina Kvitnitsky
  • Veracode Dynamic Analysis + Jenkins: Integrate DAST Into Your CI/CD Pipeline

    It’s the age-old dilemma – balancing the need to ensure applications are secure with the need to release applications and updates on faster and faster schedules. With many teams adopting the principles of DevSecOps, and implementing security checks as early as possible in the SDLC, a key aspect of success is integrating security with the tools that development teams already use. The Veracode… READ MORE

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  • How Veracode’s Integrations With Defect-Tracking Systems Enable DevSecOps

    Software development deadlines are getting shorter. Business requirements are getting more complex, and cybersecurity threats are becoming more real. According to the Accenture report on 2018 State of Cyber Resilience, the average number of targeted attacks has more than doubled between 2017 and 2018. The good news is that security teams are adapting to these constant threats, with the targeted… READ MORE

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