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Lizzie Clitheroe is Veracode's EMEA Marketing Manager, where she is responsible for market development across EMEA. Lizzie has a keen interest in cyber security, developed in previous marketing management roles at leading information security services provider, Dell SecureWorks; with a more recent focus on application security with Veracode.
Posts by Lizzie Clitheroe

Is the UK Police Force Keeping up with the Shift to Cybercrime?

May 13, 2015

Over 3,800 officers enrolled in training, Freedom of Information Reveals Along with so many other spheres of our lives in today’s digital world, crime has changed dramatically in recent times. Criminals are smart to the fact that cyberspace presents a lucrative alternative to more old-school methods. Or perhaps cybercrime is just attracting a different crowd to those whom your local bobby... READ MORE

Transport for London Doubles Mobile Tablet Use, Freedom of Information Request Reveals

April 17, 2015

More than 23,000 mobile devices issued to staff last year, a 48% increase in last five years 35507707_m.jpg This week Veracode released figures obtained from Transport for London (TfL) which show that they have significantly ramped up the number of mobile tablet devices it issues to staff. For those readers who haven’t experienced the joy of the London commute, TfL are... READ MORE

An Unreported Crime: Cyber Security

April 15, 2015

The City of London Police have reported this week that banks are covering up the true extent of cybercrime, to the extent that only one in five crimes are actually reported. 29397838_m.jpg Many who have been working in cybersecurity in Europe will barely raise an eyebrow at this stat. Secrecy surrounding cyber security breaches extends far beyond the banking sector, with... READ MORE

Software Security: At the Front Line of Data Protection

May 13, 2014

4920112_m_2.jpg A report released in the UK this week highlighted nicely the link between software security and data protection- a very hot topic this side of the pond in the midst of EU regulation reform and post-PRISM privacy concerns. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent regulatory office dealing with data protection and data privacy, released a report... READ MORE

When is a Security Breach Not a Security Breach?

February 26, 2014

11249720_m_0.jpg UK supermarket giant Tesco was in the news recently for the wrong reasons after details of 2,240 customer accounts appeared on Pastebin. Tesco moved quickly to suspend the accounts in question, but an unlucky few did have store vouchers stolen; not to mention email addresses and passwords on display for the world to see. This is not the first time that Tesco has... READ MORE

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