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Laurie Mercer

Laurie is a Solution Architect for Veracode. Coming from a background in software development, and later moving into security as a penetration tester, Laurie is most useful working with security and development teams. Laurie has worked with customers as diverse as Her Majesty the Queen and the Chinese government, in various roles involving software, security and education. He is currently focused on securing the world's software, one application at a time. Outside of work, Laurie likes to develop black and white photos, knows his way around the foot hills of the Himalayas and can milk a yak.

Posts by Laurie Mercer
  • Confessions of an Insecure Coder

    My name is Laurie Mercer, and I have introduced a security vulnerability into software. The year was 2004. As I travelled to work, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers blared on my cool new iPod. I was a developer, my first proper job after graduating with a degree in computer science and moving to the big city. Responsible for implementing functional changes, I would code new forms and business logic… READ MORE

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