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Developing with the Publish-Subscribe Pattern in JavaScript

April 14, 2015

Software design patterns provide a means to communicate complex software concepts with a widely understood and agreed upon terminology. At their core, design patterns are a template for creating reusable solutions to commonly occurring software problems. They aren't as much a tool, yet a technique for problem solving what is commonplace to software development. In JavaScript, the Publish-... READ MORE

Improving the Angular Single-Page Application Loading Experience

March 23, 2015

Waiting. Still waiting. "Why isn't this working? It's not even moving!" Everyone has experienced it. Painfully waiting for a web application to load. Those seemingly never-ending moments without any sign of movement is right up there with the agony of sitting in a rush hour traffic jam. No clear sign of what's happening. "Let's go already!" The experience will take users back to the dark days of... READ MORE

Smart Syncing Angular Services on $scope

March 4, 2015

AngularJS is a MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework, which means despite Angular's opinionated nature, it's largely the wild, wild west in how an Angular application is constructed. Whatever works for you. If your Angular program is a weekend warrior project, you can get by with a hodgepodge structure. However, for any serious or large Angular applications, services are not optional. They are a... READ MORE

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