Kelly Schaetzke

Kelly Schaetzke is a Security Program Manager at Veracode and sits in the Burlington office.  When she’s not busy helping her customers achieve their application security goals, you can usually find her teaching yoga, skiing the slopes, walking her dogs on the beach, or catching some live music.  Kelly is a healthy living enthusiast with a passion for mindfulness, and she has incurable weaknesses for chocolate and a dry rosé.
Posts by Kelly Schaetzke

How Veracode Security Program Managers Benefit Your AppSec Program

April 29, 2019  | Managing AppSec

The application security space is a complicated environment with a vast landscape of roles, development methodologies, and tech stacks. Developers, security leads, risk analysts, Scrum masters, vendor managers, operations teams, and system architects are all on the scene, just to name a few.  If we compare the land of AppSec to the agriculture industry, your Veracode Security Program... READ MORE



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