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John Zorabedian is a blogger, content marketer, and research editor. He has a background in marketing and journalism, writing about IT security, technology, business, politics and culture. He lives and works in the Boston area.
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Why Even Google Is Susceptible to the Most Basic Website Vulnerabilities

October 19, 2016  | Secure Development

This week’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month theme of “recognizing and combating cybercrime” brings up an elementary but crucial point about why our efforts to fight cybercrime seem inadequate for the challenge: it can be really difficult to fix what’s broken even when we know exactly what the problem is. Here’s an example. When a sick patient comes to a... READ MORE

What Sports Can Teach Us About Secure DevOps

October 6, 2016  | Secure Development

It’s a special time of year for sports fans like me. After a great summer featuring the Olympics and the Euro Cup, it’s time once again for the Major League Baseball playoffs, while both of my favorite football leagues (NFL and Premier League) are well underway for the season. One of the things I love about sports is they seem to offer so many parallels to other aspects of life,... READ MORE

How to Get Developers and Security to Win-Win This Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 5, 2016  | Security News

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a commendable public-private initiative focused on training businesses and users in practicing better digital hygiene. If there’s one drawback to awareness programs like NCSAM, it’s the potential for awareness to spike in the short-term and fall off in the long-term. Without follow-up training and continuous learning,... READ MORE

How Soon Will We See the First Billion-Dollar Security Vulnerability?

October 3, 2016  | Security News

In a shocking announcement last month, Yahoo confirmed that data on 500 million user accounts was compromised in 2014, the largest data breach in history. Could it also become the most expensive?" Yahoo is in the final phases of a deal with Verizon to sell itself to the telecom giant for a mind-boggling sum of $4.8 billion. The breach bombshell can’t have gone over well in Verizon... READ MORE

Developer vs. Hacker: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

September 21, 2016  | Secure Development

Years ago, when I started my career as a writer, I became a journalist dedicated to informing people and serving the public interest. Later, I became a writer in a marketing role, dedicated to creating content that informs prospects and serves customers. I call upon the same skills to write blog posts and whitepapers that I once did to write news articles. Likewise, journalists may use their... READ MORE

4 Things Developers Have in Common with Hercules and Luke Skywalker

September 19, 2016  | Secure Development

The adventurous hero is a common thread in mythology that helps us understand what makes someone great. From Homer’s Odysseus, to George Lucas’s Luke Skywalker, all mythical heroes have traits in common and follow a similar path. Heroes don’t start out that way – they need to prove their mettle by undertaking a long journey and passing a series of tests. The hero must look within him or herself,... READ MORE

Ubuntu Forums Hacked – How Secure Is Your Community?

July 18, 2016  | Security News

Your web communities are an important way to engage your customers and solicit their feedback, but web forums are yet another website to secure, another potential entry point for attackers. A recent data breach shows just what can happen when community forums are left vulnerable. Canonical, the developer of the open-source Ubuntu operating system, announced last Friday that a database for its... READ MORE

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