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John Montesi

John is a B2B and SaaS expert who likes to explain complex concepts using cute animals and cocktail napkins. He believes that content marketing is the future and sometimes ghost writes, but he can never prove it.

Posts by John Montesi
  • The Top 6 App Security Myths and Why You Can't Believe Them

    Application security is hardly the hottest topic around most water coolers. That hasn't stopped several app security myths from developing and spiraling out of control. Before one more person tells you that basic antivirus software can prevent all types of malicious hacking, drop everything you're doing and read this list of the top six AppSec myths. 1. It's too expensive. We've all heard this… READ MORE

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  • 3 Tips for a Better Quality Assurance Process

    In the maddening race to deliver more products, faster, and at a higher quality than ever before, the stakes grow as technical debt soars. Many developers shorten or skip the quality assurance process to meet unreasonable demands, which leads to tension between security teams, product teams and the business. Here's a look at three ways to keep your quality assurance process thorough without… READ MORE

  • The New CISO: 5 Ways to Plan for Your Future Career in Cybersecurity

    Businesses have done away with clunky closets full of rack computing in favor of the cloud. Soon the chief information security officers (CISOs) who used to sit in those hot, windowless rooms will be replaced by more flexible employees who understand the business side of their roles as well as they understand the dynamic nature of a career in cybersecurity. Having business and legal chops will… READ MORE

  • The Uconnect Hack Is Scary, but the Internet of Things Doesn't Have to Be

    Automobile hackings have been in the news a lot recently. The big Uconnect hack affected 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles and exposed a vulnerability that allowed security researchers to enter the Uconnect multimedia entertainment system and control vital vehicle functions. That doesn't just mean hackers can force you to listen to Nickelback against your will — it means they can use the cell signal-… READ MORE

  • 5 Reasons Why the Importance of Application Security Cannot Be Overstated

    In today's business landscape, the importance of application security has emerged as a leading factor impacting a company's brand perception and even its bottom line. Yet somehow, despite the exponential growth of digitilization, security protocol rarely acknowledges just how much critical information is in the cloud or other software environments. In a recent whitepaper, entitled "Why… READ MORE

  • Cybercriminals Live Like Kings and Want Your Money

    Cybercriminals are among the biggest threats to enterprises today. The Internet has made valuable information more tantalizingly accessible than ever before, and cybercrime is not yet consistently policed. The nature of the World Wide Web allows international cyber gangs thousands of miles away to attack domestic enterprises at their own leisure with little fear of repercussions. In a webinar… READ MORE

  • To Understand How a Secure Application Layer Can Prevent Disaster, Look No Further Than 2014's High-Profile Cyberattacks

    2014 was a good year for cybercriminals. Several marquee hacks cost corporations billions of dollars — and, as Veracode's "2014: The Year of the Application Layer Breach" ebook points out, almost all of them originated in the application layer. As businesses of all types become increasingly dependent on software, the number of potential vulnerabilities in their systems skyrockets. From point-of-… READ MORE

  • Security Testing Is the Cheapest Way to Save a Billion Dollars

    Everyone heard about the great Target credit-card hack of 2013. It was a nightmare scenario — a massive security breach came to light as Black Friday and the holiday shopping season began. A lack of comprehensive security testing resulted in a situation that caused damage to Target's reputation, with subsequent reparations totaling $148 million to date, according to the New York Times. The long-… READ MORE

  • Backdoor Hacking: Two Dirty Words Worth Learning

    Revelations about NSA spying are old news and barely raise eyebrows now that the initial fervor has come and gone. In the information era, people seem to accept that information online isn't as private as it seems — but that complacency is a risky lackadaisy. Backdoor hacking built for justice can be exploited by cybercriminals. Just because some basic spying has been deemed innocuous doesn't… READ MORE

  • The Internet of Things Puts a Threat on Every Wrist

    The Internet has been abuzz with things lately — or maybe it's the other way around. The Internet of Things is here to stay, and that has meant a lot of changes for application and enterprise security. As apps diversify and everything from seemingly innocuous Fitbits to complicated bring-your-own-device programs become the norm, managing threats to secure enterprises will become an increasingly… READ MORE

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