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John Montesi

John is a B2B and SaaS expert who likes to explain complex concepts using cute animals and cocktail napkins. He believes that content marketing is the future and sometimes ghost writes, but he can never prove it.

Posts by John Montesi
  • 5 Reasons Why the Importance of Application Security Cannot Be Overstated

    In today's business landscape, the importance of application security has emerged as a leading factor impacting a company's brand perception and even its bottom line. Yet somehow, despite the exponential growth of digitilization, security protocol rarely acknowledges just how much critical information is in the cloud or other software environments. In a recent whitepaper, entitled "Why… READ MORE

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  • Software Development Maturity Model: Free Advice From OpenSAMM

    Crowdsourcing is a wonderful, powerful tool. After all, isn't it much easier to trust data gathered from large groups of people who don't stand to gain from the information they're sharing? That logic is what makes the OpenSAMM document, which speaks to the software development maturity model, so great. When industry professionals collaborate to share their knowledge on maintaining security… READ MORE

  • Only You Can Prevent an XSS Attack — Here's How

    The only thing worse than guys spouting industry buzzwords at random is guys spouting negative industry buzzwords at random. For every mention of "disruption" and the "Internet of Things," there's also a reference to an "XSS attack" or "Heartbleed" or some other common cybersecurity threat. Despite how common these buzzwords are, however (or… READ MORE

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Compliance: As Easy as Chewing Gum and Walking

    Singapore is famous for its balmy weather, insanely clean streets — and maximum-security banks. The dark side of such a utopia is an overwhelming set of rules and regulations that can quickly become disastrous for tourists. The half-joke about visiting Singapore, chewing gum, and never leaving has a little too much truth to be funny. But I… READ MORE

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