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Jessica is part of the content team at Veracode. In this role she strives to create and promote content that will engage, educate and inspire security professionals around the topic of application security. Jessica’s involvement with the security industry goes back more than a decade at companies like Astaro, and Sophos where she held roles in corporate communication and marketing.
Posts by Jessica Lavery

How Organized Was Your Heartbleed Response?

June 2, 2015  | Managing AppSec

Heartbleed, Shellshock, FREAK, POODLE, VENOM – these are just some of the branded vulnerabilities that were disclosed in the past 18 months. With so many branded vulnerabilities coming out executives are paying more attention to application security. This is great, except that it also means CISOs and security professionals are under increased pressure to react to vulnerability disclosures,... READ MORE

How CISOs Can Make a Better Case For Security

May 26, 2015

31270533_s.jpg As more enterprises become digital businesses and rely on applications to keep pace with innovation, the value of security will continue to grow. However, CISOs often struggle with non-IT executive communication and demonstrating how their programs provide value. For enterprises to remain competitive in this application economy, it is up to CISOs to communicate how... READ MORE

CISO Corner: Barry Caplin, VP, Chief Information Security Official, Fairview Health Services

May 22, 2015

I spoke with Barry Caplain, VP, Chief Information Security Official, Fairview Health Services, at legnth regarding his security philosophy and the changing role of the CISO. Our conversation can be found here: Who were some of the early influencers in your career? Barry: "I've worked under some great leaders, yet I don't think there is any single person who significantly shaped my... READ MORE

VENOM – Not as Deadly as a Heartbleed

May 13, 2015  | Security News

This morning, CrowdStrike issued a vulnerability disclosure for CVE-2015-3456 — branded VENOM (Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation). VENOM is a security vulnerability in the virtual floppy drive code used by many computer virtualization platforms. I’ve seen a few articles from reputable outlets claiming that the vulnerability is “bigger than Heartbleed.... READ MORE

Even Software From a Large Supplier Can Have Vulnerabilities

May 12, 2015

The software an enterprise buys can introduce just as much risk into the organization as the software the enterprise builds itself. However, even enterprises that have mature secure development processes are prone to inadequately securing their software supply chain. Why? Because ensuring the software an enterprise is purchasing is secure is hard. Typical software supply chain security programs... READ MORE

How Can Enterprises Reduce Risk In The Application Economy?

May 12, 2015

In the modern application economy, every company is a digital business, producing web, mobile, and cloud applications at a rapid pace. In order to keep up with the pace of innovation, they are relying on third-party software and open source components and libraries to augment their own internal development efforts. This reliance on software would suggest that enterprises are placing equal... READ MORE

AppSec is a Major Concern, But Still Not a Top Priority

April 23, 2015

Imagine this scenario; your brother tells you he is very concerned about the fact the brakes on his car haven’t been working right lately – but he just doesn’t have time to get to the mechanic. It is important he gets to work quickly, and putting his car in the shop will slow him down. What would you say? You’d probably offer to let him borrow your car – right after... READ MORE

Even Anti-Virus Vendors Recognize the Need for AppSec

April 17, 2015

It is not uncommon for security vendors to release reports outlining the state of security. Verizon does it each year, and their report is seen as the authority on security statistics. Recently, Symantec released their “2015 Internet Security Threat Report” and what caught my eye is how prevalent the issue of application security was in the report. You’d expect a report from an... READ MORE

Despite Having Strong Network Security, TV5Monde Succumbs to Cyberattack

April 13, 2015

According to the BBC and CNN, a cyberattack disabled 11 French TV channels and took over TV5Monde's social media sites. The attack is thought to be in retaliation for French support of U.S. efforts in Iraq and Syria as the cyberattackers posted messages stating "The CyberCaliphate continues its cyber-jihad against the enemies of Islamic State." The attack is being called "... READ MORE

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