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  • Running SourceClear in a Docker Container

    A lot of customers ask about running SourceClear from within a Docker container on their build node. Here is how to do it. Customize this to suit your exact needs. Throughout the blog I assume that you've got a project named myproject. The steps to follow are: Build an Ubuntu based Docker image containing your project's source code Run the Docker image, which downloads and installs the latest… READ MORE

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  • Distribute Your Java App Via Brew

    For developers of desktop based applications, making sure your users can easily update to the latest version can be a pain. Expecting them to fetch out updates by going to your website only adds layers of complexity and slows adoption due to inertia. For SRC:CLR and our customers, we felt this pain as well. But thanks to Homebrew, sending our users URL links to download and install our… READ MORE

  •  Dynamic message passing with Java

    Imagine this scenario, you've stepped outside of Spring MVC and are reading messages from a different source (either a websocket, MQ, or vanilla TCP socket). No longer can you rely on Spring to automatically route incoming messages to the correct handler method. This is what less battle tested developers will toss down into their IDE: private static final ObjectMapper MAPPER = new ObjectMapper… READ MORE

  • Crypto Bliss with AWS KMS

    So you've got a last minute requirement to secure your customer data by encrypting it at the database level? Don't panic. Take a deep breath, keep calm, and read on... Previously, I discussed some of the higher level concerns and pitfalls with attempting to roll your own key management. In today's post I'm going to dive into the details about how to do it without reinventing the wheel. Let's… READ MORE

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