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At Veracode, Jasmine’s efforts are focused around market research, content development and sales enablement efforts. Previously, Jasmine was a founding partner of Ptak/Noel, an industry analyst and marketing consulting firm. Prior to that she also served as director of systems and applications management at Hurwitz Group, and senior analyst at D.H. Brown Associates. Jasmine holds a bachelor of science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of science from the University of Southern California.
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Mobile Myth: iOS is Safer Than Android

January 14, 2014

It's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when you're using an iPhone, but is iOS really the better smartphone operating system when it comes to malware? According to F-Secure Labs' latest Mobile Threat Report, malware authors continue to concentrate on the Android platform with 252 new threat families and variant families.  The report also shows that 81% of discovered threats are... READ MORE

Spooky Halloween Mobile Apps

October 31, 2013

In honor of Halloween, I did a quick analysis of 30 Halloween-themed Android games to see how many were sending data and to where. While not all apps that send data are malicious, the following stats are spooky for privacy conscious folks: 16 apps sent data various US locations (53%) 5 apps sent data outside of the US (17% -- see pictures below) Only 9 apps sent no data (30%) Would anyone like... READ MORE

Our Apps Are Our Digital Lives

October 28, 2013

One of my national cyber security month activities was participating in an employee awareness day at NYU Langone Medical Center. Kudos to the infosec team for putting on a nice event. Since the audience was doctors, nurses and students my goal was to present mobile security statistics in a memorable way. I had two slides showing at a very high level how mobile malware works, but one of the main... READ MORE

Apple's Fingerprint Scanner: Who is Likely to Hack - Mobile Device Security Series 3 of 3

October 22, 2013

We know that any type of software is bound to be hacked eventually, but Apple is claiming that nothing will get past its new fingerprint scanning technology. While its security implications far exceed those of a traditional PIN, could a hack of this nature truly be dangerous to high profile individuals? What would a hack like this mean for an enterprise or government agency? In part three of our... READ MORE

Apple's Fingerprint Scanner: Claims, Concerns, and Implications – Mobile Device Security Series 2 of 3

October 18, 2013

Video Transcription Darren: A lot of the concern that we've seen in the marketplace is that privacy concern and I think that this is a completely legitimate thing to worry about. Apple's making a lot of claims about how well they securely store that fingerprint and who can access it and what's actually being stored. Nobody's ever been really too deeply verify any of this yet. We do have a few... READ MORE

Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanner Applications - Mobile Device Security Series 1 of 3

October 16, 2013

Did you know that 30-50% of people choose not to use any sort of passcode on their smartphones? The inconvenience that comes with typing in a long passcode means users are willing to put their mobile lives at risk. Apple has attempted to solve this problem by creating a fingerprint scanning application that allows for convenience and security without compromise. With this type of technology on... READ MORE

Does Apple Fingerprint Scanning Technology = Good Mobile Security?

October 8, 2013 3

Mobile devices are extremely interesting for attackers because they hold a digital representation of our lives. Every application that resides on our devices contains information on some aspect of our lives. What games we play, who we talk to, where we work, what utilities make our lives easier are all captured in our mobile devices. Anyone armed with this information can mimic our digital lives... READ MORE

It's Hard Out Here For a CISO, and It's Not Getting Any Easier

April 16, 2013

Last week, during a SoSS report pre-briefing, Chris Eng was discussing our prediction around CISO tenure and said: “Who wants to be a CISO these days, not me.” Even with SoSS Vol5 predicting CISO tenure would shrink, it was shocking to hear our research VP make such a statement. Our CISOs tenure prediction is based on the fact that major breaches, or even a string of minor ones, can wreak havoc... READ MORE

Security Stat for the CEO: 62% Fail to Comply on First Submission

November 14, 2012

Our new SoSS Feature Supplement report found that 62% of vendor applications fail to comply with enterprise security policies upon first submission. This stat, more than any other in the report, demonstrates the need for an executive level mandate to secure the software supply chain. It means that if all of the stars and planets align and hundreds of applications from your supply chain are... READ MORE

Securing Your Application Perimeter: Get Results

August 30, 2012

In my last blog I discussed why web application inventory knowledge is so powerful. So I’m following that with what happens when enterprises actually get the inventory data for the first time. Usually the first reaction is “OMG! We have a lot of stuff.” This is especially true when the discovery process detects applications outside the well known network ranges or domain patterns. It reminds me... READ MORE

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