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Hailey Pobanz

Hailey has her BA from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Masters from The University of California at Berkeley. She transitioned into the event technology space in 2013 where she started her career with DoubleDutch as a Customer Success Manager. After participating in a Javascript course taught by engineers at DoubleDutch, she set her sights on a technical role. She has been leading the security program at DoubleDutch since October 2014 and now resides in Amsterdam where she supports the international team.

Posts by Hailey Pobanz
  • How We Worked with Our Development Team to Make Security a Differentiator

    Starting an application security program at our mobile app company was becoming an inevitability. Yet, there were still groups within the company that didn’t see the value or thought starting a full-scale program wasn’t worth the effort. My challenge – in addition to developing a strategy that reduced risk and didn’t slow down the development processes – was to make these adversaries into allies… READ MORE

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