Griff James

Griff is a Senior Associate Security Program Manager who joined Veracode in 2014 after previously working as a Scrum Master. He has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and qualified as an infantry platoon commander in the Canadian Army. He lives and works in London, England.  
Posts by Griff James

A Veracode Program Manager’s Perspective: Best Practices for Scaling an AppSec Program

March 30, 2017  | Customer News

“Amateurs talk tactics, professionals study logistics.” -- General Robert Barrow, Commandant of the USMC In military circles, “cyber” is spoken of in the same terms as the traditional spheres of conflict, namely land, air and sea. To that end, General Barrow’s quote is particularly apt. Unlike the other realms of conflict where armies, navies and air forces protect individual citizens, cyberspace... READ MORE

A Veracode Program Manager’s Perspective: Our Programmatic Approach to Application Security

February 21, 2017  | Customer News

Undeniably, the best way to get secure software is to develop secure software. And the emerging DevSecOps trend – the integration of development, security and operations – facilitates this process. The ideal application security program today would involve a DevOps process with security integrated automatically from development to production. However, most companies aren... READ MORE

The Five Parts of Third-Party Application Security

January 5, 2017  | Managing AppSec


Third-party application security assurance is an essential part of a mature IT security program. While it’s true that every company today is a software company, the majority of applications within an enterprise’s application portfolio will be developed by third parties – often as off-the-shelf products.  A study by Quocirca found that the average enterprise has roughly 600... READ MORE



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