Glenn Norman

Glenn is a freelance security professional with a long and varied experience. He is the ISECOM Hacker Highschool v.2 Project Manager coordinating almost 100 contributors, reviewers and translators. His specialties are: Teaching, training and curriculum development for the fields of cyber security, Electronic medical records (EMR), managing highly secure networks and open-source software development.
Posts by Glenn Norman

Interactions, Trust, and Google Chrome

January 14, 2016  | Intro to AppSec

“There are two ways you can do application security” sounds like the setup line for a joke, doesn't it? consequence-of-convenience.png Method 1 is what the majority says you're supposed to do, or at least what “best practices” tells you to do. Let's call that Method 1. Method 1 is the popular way to do network, system and application security... READ MORE

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