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Fergal Glynn

Fergal Glynn joined Veracode in 2008. Fergal is currently responsible for lead generation activities including content marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, webinar marketing, social media, and optimizing the marketing and sales funnel. Fergal spent his first two years at Veracode as a Product Manager.

Posts by Fergal Glynn
  • The Changed System, Threat and Regulatory Landscape

    For our government readers. I want to briefly draw your attention to the newly signed Department of Defense National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2013 and the revised Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). FISMA compliance is based on the National Institute of Standards and Testing 800-53 Special Publication series (NIST SP 800-53). In the most recent version NIST SP 800-53… READ MORE

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  • Patching Up the Patch Process

    Travis Emmert of Veracode is credited in the latest Oracle Critical Patch update for reporting nine Web application vulnerabilities in Oracle Fusion Middleware, Imaging and Process Management. After talking to Travis about how he found the vulnerabilities, what he found, and Oracle’s advisory release process I thought this material would make for a good blog post. I asked Travis to take a… READ MORE

  • Veracode Claims ‘Information Security Product of the Year’

    We are extremely excited to announce that the Veracode Platform has been chosen as SC Magazine’s Information Security Product of the Year. The award was in recognition of the company’s innovative Veracode Platform and the significant business and technical advantages it has brought to companies investing in the technology. The SC Awards are widely recognized as the most coveted and prestigious… READ MORE

  • Announcing Veracode Defender - A tower defense video game

    I'd like to bring your attention to a Veracode Marketing first! We just released a retro, 8–bit feel, "tower defense" video game to promote our new reporting capabilities that deliver positive, actionable reports when developers successfully use best practices to eliminate vulnerabilities. We added this positive feedback reporting to address some of the tension we see between security… READ MORE

  • The Sad Story of Mr. Fails!
    February 9, 2012
    The Sad Story of Mr. Fails!

    As you know, we love Security Testing! But there is a whole other world of software testing out there – functional, black box, white box, integration, unit, you know what I mean... One of my favorite resources on software testing is the Software Testing Club. They have a great blog, a quarterly printed publication called THE TESTING PLANET (Chris Wysopal was featured in the last iteration… READ MORE

  • Where Were You? 10th Anniversary of Gates Trustworthy Computing Memo - Part 2

    January 15th was the 10th anniversary of Gates Trustworthy computing memo. We thought it would be interesting to ask a few Veracode employees what they were doing on that day 10 years ago. This is the second post on this topic. Yesterday's post is here. Some of the answers are really funny! Can you guess who had blue hair in 2002? Captain @stake Steve Roge was selling manual code reviews to… READ MORE

  • Where Were You? 10th Anniversary of Gates Trustworthy Computing Memo - Part 1

    January 15th is the 10th anniversary of Gates Trustworthy Computing memo. The effects of this memo have already been discussed on Threatpost so I thought it would be interesting to take a different angle on commemorating this event - Where were you on 1/15/2002? I asked a mixed group of my colleagues at Veracode to answer this question. The group has a wide age range, and come from many different… READ MORE

  • Is Personal Information Safe in the Cloud?

    Those of you in the Boston area may have seen Veracode's very own Chris Eng (VP of Research) on the local CBS news Monday night. Chris is featured in a story about storing personal information in the cloud. Chris discusses best practices and advises users about operating and storing documents in the cloud. We think Chris did a great job! If you missed it, or are not in the Boston area here is a… READ MORE

  • HP Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Printer Software Vulnerability

    HP’s printer division is walking on the hot coals today, as the company has been named in a class action lawsuit. The suit states that “HP Printers suffer from a design defect in the software (which is also sometimes referred to as “firmware”) that is resident on the HP Printers, which allows computer hackers to gain access to the network on which the HP Printers are connected, steal sensitive… READ MORE

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