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Ericka Chickowski

Ericka Chickowski is an experienced business and technology journalist who specializes in coverage of IT security, regulatory compliance, business alignment, project management and IT employment. Chickowski’s perspectives on technology have appeared in a number of trade and consumer magazines, including, Consumers Digest, Channel Insider, Dark Reading, Entrepreneur and InformationWeek. Ericka Chickowski has made it her specialty to explain how technology trends affect real people, engagingly and using plain English. Her perspectives have appeared in dozens of trade and consumer magazines, including CIO Insight, Dark Reading, Entrepreneur and InformationWeek

Posts by Ericka Chickowski
  • 5 Things Devs Wish CISOs Knew About DevOps

    The rapid adoption of DevOps practices in the enterprise has forced a lot of CISOs to rethink their security play books. Gone are the days of testing for security once software engineers are done developing a piece of software. With rapid iterations and continuous delivery of software there is no "done" anymore. Additionally, the fast-paced DevOps model gives engineers the power to provision… READ MORE

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  • Application Security: What You Think You Know Is Wrong

    I've been covering the vagaries of AppSec for the better part of a decade now. And in spite of all the evidence that has surfaced over the years that points to the application layer as one of the riskiest in the IT infrastructure, I've observed that most IT programs haven't matured their AppSec programs accordingly. The level of investment… READ MORE

  • Stagefright Highlights the Mobility Prisoner's Dilemma

    It's been a month since the full disclosure of the Stagefright Android vulnerability, and the drama around the announcement is starting to make way for the hard work of actually dealing with its fallout. The immediate implications of the vulnerability itself are enormous in their own right, but it might be the broader ramifications of Stagefright patching logistics that really stick around for a… READ MORE

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