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Eric Seymour

Eric manages global public relations at Veracode. In this role, he manages all facets of the company’s PR efforts. He brings more than 13 years’ experience in the industry. Prior to Veracode, Eric ran public relations activities for CyberArk across the US, EMEA and APJ.

Posts by Eric Seymour
  • Today's AppSec News: Bangladesh Bank Hack, NJ Town Victim of Ransomware

    In today’s news, we have an interim investigative report on the Bangladesh Bank hack, a flaw discovered in Apple’s iMessage encryption, the town of Plainfield N.J. gets targeted in a ransomware attack, research finds 24 vehicle keys vulnerable to unlocking, and Google has made its binary code analysis tool BinDiff free for security researchers. The Investigation Continues on the Bangladesh Bank… READ MORE

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  • Cybersecurity and Corporate Liability

    Security is now the second leading risk to a company’s brand – ahead of traditional risks related to safety, health, and the environment, according to Deloitte. It should come as little surprise that legal risk related to cybersecurity is becoming a major concern for corporate directors. Pressure is building for boards and management teams to deal with cybersecurity issues that can impact their… READ MORE

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