Emilie Ying

Emilie joined Veracode as the first developer on the eLearning team, and has been building the eLearning infrastructure and product implementation ever since. Prior to Veracode, she worked as a full stack developer building SaaS applications in the education and professional development market. In her spare time, Emilie and her family love exploring new destinations and new cultures.
Posts by Emilie Ying

How We’re Making Developer Training More Interactive, Flexible and Fun

January 24, 2017  | Secure Development

Everyone knows security training is important. But many organizations struggle to make security training more effective. At Veracode, we’ve implemented several innovations to make our eLearning platform even more engaging, relevant, user-friendly and fun. Over the past five years, we have continued to add online courses to keep up with the changing climate of threats in the real world,... READ MORE



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