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Doug Bonderud

Doug Bonderud is a freelance writer passionate about the evolution of technology and its impact on companies, stakeholders and end-users alike. Want to know more? Follow Doug on Twitter.

Posts by Doug Bonderud
  • Bottom line? Eighty percent of applications fail their first security test, putting companies and data at risk. Worse, most of these apps aren't developed in-house, meaning you don't always know what kind of code underlies basic functions, or how they retrieve their data. It's easy to point at cloud computing as the culprit behind… READ MORE

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  • Enterprises are using more apps than ever, many of which are cloud-based. That's according to a recent Forbes article, and — no surprise — this increased use comes with increased risk. Survey data found that 85 percent of all data uploaded went to apps that enabled file sharing, and, perhaps more worrisome, 81… READ MORE

  • It's tempting to imagine your supply chain as one unbroken line where each link is directly fastened to the next, making it easy to uncover weak spots or add new processes. In truth, this chain more closely resembles a tangled web with lines and links that branch out, interconnect and then split. The recent Target breach, for… READ MORE

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