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Doug Bonderud

Doug Bonderud is a freelance writer passionate about the evolution of technology and its impact on companies, stakeholders and end-users alike. Want to know more? Follow Doug on Twitter.

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  • Medical device manufacturers face a daunting host of challenges, especially where cybersecurity is concerned. In response to the growing concerns of these manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released guidance in the form of its "Content of Premarket Submissions for Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices." This nine-page document details five "cybersecurity… READ MORE

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  • Small businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to IT security: They're expected to meet enterprise standards for handling data, but on a shoestring budget and with razor-thin profit margins. And since many smaller companies can't afford to design and build apps in-house, they're forced to rely on an application ecosystem that's dominated by potentially insecure third-party… READ MORE

  • Would you like a side of stolen credit card data with your Blizzard? It's the flavor of the month, apparently, as Dairy Queen announces that it, too, has been compromised by Backoff point-of-sale (POS) malware. Having risen to infamy after the massive Target breach last year, Backoff continues to pop up on systems across the country — the Dairy Queen breach of nearly 400 locations includes stolen… READ MORE

  • How much do developers really know about writing secure application code? That's a question companies are starting to ask in earnest as the number of desktop, web-based and now mobile applications in their networks continues to skyrocket. What's more, many such apps aren't developed in-house; they're either farmed out to third-party vendors or pushed up the pipeline by company… READ MORE

  • Fashion is quickly becoming synonymous with function as wearable devices take center stage. Fitness trackers and technologies like Google Glass are just the first step — the next decade could include everything from intelligent fibers that record pulse and breathing rates to contact lenses that monitor your eye health. A lens that monitors blood sugar is already in development. For these… READ MORE

  • Creating a new software application is like baking the perfect pie: Every company has its own recipe that includes "secret" in-house code but uses common, third-party ingredients where applicable. But what happens if ingredients in your latest batch are bad? Veracode's software composition analysis service recently determined that external components embed an average of 24 known… READ MORE

  • Companies can't afford to develop software for every device connected to their networks. While in-house, mission-critical hardware often gets a dedicated team of IT professionals to create and test code, other end points such as point-of-sale (POS) devices, printers and routers aren't given the same scrutiny. As noted in a recent IT News article, however, old strains of POS malware like… READ MORE

  • Healthcare agencies are no strangers to IT security risks. In August, Community Health Services (CHS) announced the theft of 4.5 million patient records due to a Heartbleed breach; now, companies are dealing with Shellshock, which exploits open-source Bash code to compromise appliances and network hardware such as medical devices. To combat these threats and maintain HIPAA compliance, many… READ MORE

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is rapidly becoming a hot commodity for cybercriminals, since it lets them file false tax returns and create fake credit-card accounts. But the most valuable PII? Healthcare data. Once compromised, thieves can use this data to claim medical benefits and obtain prescription drugs.… READ MORE

  • Heartbleed. Back in April, this bug was on the radars of companies across the globe. Large corporations struggled to find and patch systems and ensure no critical information was compromised. Not all succeeded: The Canada Revenue Agency had 900 social insurance numbers lifted from its database. When the dust settled, many… READ MORE

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