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Darren Meyer

Darren is a Security Researcher at Veracode, passionate about AppSec advocacy and education. He also enjoys making stuff, coffee, and weirdness.

Posts by Darren Meyer
  • Zane Lackey of Signal Sciences spoke at Black Hat 2017 on a topic near and dear to my heart: Practical Tips for Defending Web Applications in the Age of DevOps. DevOps — and really, any Agile or Agile-like rapid software development approach — is a huge enabler for business. Changes to software are envisioned, implemented, tested, and deployed incredibly fast. Deployments can happen multiple… READ MORE

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  • I recently gave a webinar wherein I discussed the concept of Responsive AppSec—the idea that development teams can improve the security quality of their software through a developer-focused Application Security (AppSec) Program that's built to respond quickly to their needs and the needs of their customers and other stakeholders through collaboration, taking ownership, and aggressive… READ MORE

  • Robert Lemos has an excellent summary of the state of the debate on disclosure of exploit code in his column at Dark Reading. In it, I’m quoted briefly: Software vulnerabilities are often discovered independently, suggesting that silencing the disclosure of a vulnerability and how to exploit the flaw would merely allow a bad actor more time to use an attack, says Darren Meyer, senior security… READ MORE

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