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Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy has more than 20 years of experience working in computer security, and is currently the software architect for Veracode’s dynamic analysis business line. Dan has had a life-long interest in secure (and insecure!) software, sparked by explorations of bulletin boards as a pre-teen, and an early job as a teenager securing networks and servers at an Internet Service Provider. Prior to joining Veracode, Dan was part of the leadership team that spun out mobile security startup Blue Cedar from Mocana, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm. For many years before that he worked at Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks in the deep-inspection firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) spaces…

Posts by Dan Murphy
  • Summer Reading: Dive Into the Security Classics

    Shakespeare. Brontë. Dickens. In literature, the classics have long been a staple of summer reading lists. Computer security has its own share of classics – reference points that serve as a foundation for understanding the field’s ever-changing chessboard of attack and defense. This list of computer security summer reading can be enjoyed either lounging on the beach with sand beneath your toes,… READ MORE

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