Craig Hartwell

Craig Hartwell

Craig has over 20 years experience in working with global Financial Services businesses, helping these organizations improve, modernize and streamline their secure development processes. Building on a strong DevOps background, Craig is today challenging the status quo and identifying areas where the Sec can be built in to legacy and more modern DevSecOps practices. Financial Services topics of interest include Open Banking, PSD2 and ISO20022 which have, and will continue to ensure change, driving the need for Craig to review the People, Processes and Technology these organizations leverage today.

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  • A Swift Kick in the Nuts and Bolts of…
    August 12, 2022 | By Craig Hartwell

    The global financial services industry is undergoing a seismic shift and not enough people are truly aware of what this means. By November of this year, banks and other financial institutions must have in place a new process for payment systems that uses the ISO 20022 standard instead of SWIFT.…

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