Colleen Reidy

Colleen Reidy

Colleen is a customer engagement expert with demonstrated success building customer advocacy programs from scratch and working cross-functionally in program building, sales enablement, business development, partnering with sales, and achieving executive buy-in from the C-Suite.

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  • Developing Secure Software With…
    June 2, 2022 | By Colleen Reidy

    Software development and security often have separate challenges and concerns.  Developers are worried about pushing software to production in a timely manner. Security teams worry about the security of the code being pushed. Veracode offers a solution that meets the needs of both sides. On…

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  • Veracode Wins IT Central Station’s 2021…
    March 9, 2021 | By Colleen Reidy

    Veracode was recently named the winner of IT Central Station’s 2021 Peer Award for application security testing (AST). Winners were chosen based on reviews from verified customers to help prospective buyers make well-informed, smart business decisions. “Receiving positive feedback from our…

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  • Veracode Named a Leader for AST on IT…
    March 3, 2021 | By Colleen Reidy

    To keep up with the pace of the modern world, organizations are constantly looking for ways to release software faster than their competitors. This “need for speed” has led many organizations to adopt DevSecOps. With DevSecOps, security is moved earlier in the software lifecycle, into the realm of…

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