Chris Hut

Chris has been a Java developer for 19 years. He helped architect the SourceClear SCA platform.
Posts by Chris Hut

Distributed Synchronization with Spring JPA

August 9, 2015

Web sites and other distributed, multi-user systems present unique challenges for concurrent access to shared state. In this post we'll take a look at a simple strategy (with one big gotcha) for achieving distributed resource synchronization in the Spring JPA environment. Case Study: Volunteer Signup Let us imagine we have built a web portal that enables organizers to create jobs for which... READ MORE

Unpacking Open-Source REST Clients

May 3, 2015

Aka: Old-REST - Shootout at the 200 OK Canal Open-source software (OSS) is free and, for the larger projects, well supported by the developer community. These traits are often reason enough for a developer to find an OSS project that fits their needs, drop it into their POM file, and essentially forget about it. A less obvious benefit of OSS is the ability to investigate the source code when... READ MORE

Avoiding JPA Performance Pitfalls

March 31, 2015

Until my arrival at SourceClear, the Java Persistence API (JPA) is one technology (along with the Spring Framework) I inadvertently avoided using with in my career, despite working for 15 years on consumer websites with large relational data models. I consider this a blessing and a curse. The delay has served me well - gone are the dark days of verbose XML configurations that for so long gave... READ MORE

Java 8: Default Interface Methods

March 18, 2015

Compared to the splashy, paradigm-shifting introduction of Lambda expressions and streams, default interface methods entered the picture with decidedly less fanfare when Java 8 launched last spring. Indeed, the language feature barely registers in Google trends (in fact I had to artificially expand the time frame of the search to get it to appear on the chart at all). Furthermore, it is simply... READ MORE

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