Brad Smith

Brad Smith is Sr. Principal Security Program Manager at Veracode. With an eye to hastening digitalization and accelerating the speed of secure software delivery, he guides both front-line engineers and executives at global enterprises through the opportunities presented at the intersection of technology and business. He started as an information security consultant in 2007.
Posts by Brad Smith

Four Ways to Optimize Your Application Security Program

January 17, 2019

The basic blocking and tackling of defining and executing an application security program includes having an executive mandate, a policy, and an inventory of your applications. These comprise the minimum requirements to successfully define and execute a program. But once a program is defined, what are the factors that make it successful? Optimizing your application security program means setting... READ MORE

Securing the Silver Screen: Source Code in Movies

February 20, 2015

During Veracode’s Hackathon last year I wanted to answer this question: How secure are the applications that we see in those movie scenes when the source code is scrolling by on an actor’s computer? In the spirit of the Hackathon, where projects range from baking to backdoor detection, I set off. I collected screenshots from four TV shows or movies that featured source code. I found... READ MORE

5 Things You Can Do With the Veracode API

August 12, 2014

When you use the Veracode API you get an economy of scale through automation. One customer uploaded and scanned 100 applications concurrently over a weekend. image001_2.png Another one scheduled monthly recurring scans. "Application programming interface" (API) is more than jargon. It is the industrial revolution (automation) meets the information age (your application security... READ MORE

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