Anne Nielsen

Senior Product Manager for Veracode’s application security platform including reporting, analytics and API feature sets as well are Veracode’s technology evolution from a monolithic architecture into MicroServices. Anne partners with Veracode customer’s to manage application security risk through new product features and functionality while enabling Veracode’s best in class scanning technologies.
Posts by Anne Nielsen

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Supply Chain Transformations Infographic

March 26, 2015

Securing the software supply chain is neither sexy nor straightforward, but it is doable. Other industries have been able to dramatically affect change within their supply chain when introducing Green or RFID initiatives and security leaders can learn from those pioneers. These 7 Habits - distilled from research sources including the Wharton School of Business, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta,... READ MORE

A Neglected Threat

October 23, 2014

This post was jointly authored by Ed Jennings, Chief Marketing Officer and Anne Nielsen, Product Marketing Manager at Veracode. Enterprises everywhere — not just the biggest banks — are ignoring a major gap in their approach to security 12956230_m.jpg The recent breach at JPMorgan Chase compromised some of the personal account information of 76 million households and 7... READ MORE

Address Proof of Software Security for Customer Requirements in 4 Steps

August 6, 2014

thebuttonforpurchases_2.jpg The world's largest enterprises require proof of software security before they purchase new software. Why? Because third-party software is just as vulnerable to attack as software developed by internal teams. In fact, Boeing recently noted that over 90 percent of the third-party software tested as part of its program had significant, compromising flaws. As... READ MORE

Yo, A Cautionary Tale for the VC Community

July 29, 2014

By Chris Lynch, Partner, Atlas Venture The story of Yo will be used as a cautionary tale in the VC community for years to come. Only a few days after receiving a much talked about $1.2 million in series “A” funding from Angel investor and serial entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg, Yo suffered a massive security breach. The breach made more headlines than the funding, and took the wind out of... READ MORE

Are You Trustworthy? UK Outlines Third-Party Software Security Specifications with PAS754

June 20, 2014  | Security News

I may be one of the few people that gets excited about regulations, controls, and guidance. But I suspect that there are many cyber security leaders that are excited and encouraged by the newly released PAS754:2014. 25056142_m_2.jpg After consultation with industry and academia UK government launches PAS754 'software trustworthiness' standard.   This document provides a general... READ MORE

I Forgot My Wallet. Can I Borrow Yours?

May 28, 2014

mobile-wallet-security_2.jpg Ever forget your wallet? I do. All the time. If I wasn’t in the security industry, an ability to pay for things with my cell phone (which is never too far from my grasp) would be attractive to me. But LifeLock’s recent move to pull their Mobile Wallet application from the app store and delete customer data simply reinforces my skepticism on the subject of... READ MORE

Beware the Takeout Menu

April 9, 2014

When addressing enterprise security, the weakest links – the points of least resistance – should be hardened to prevent breaches. Chinese-Menu_2.jpg An illuminating article came out in the New York Times yesterday about the cyber-security risk posed to large enterprises by third-parties. The article describes a classic, drive-by application-layer attack in which cyber-attackers... READ MORE

How to be Proactive: Questionmark Answers Their Clients’ Security Questions

February 20, 2014

In the wake of the Target breach, large enterprises are beginning to realize they need to take responsibility for the security of their vendors.  Research by firms such as Gartner and CrowdStrike have noted that as network perimeters have hardened, attackers are increasingly targeting the IT supply chain. This is because when searching for an entry point into a large organization, cyber-... READ MORE

UK Financial Institutions Can't Bank on Security

February 7, 2014

Earlier this week, the Bank of England warned the UK financial sector that they are unprepared for cyber-attacks with a spokesperson stating that a major attack would disrupt “everyday” life. As a portion of any country’s critical infrastructure, the financial sector is a target for cyber-criminals and terrorists. The financial sector boasts some of the most mature security programs in the... READ MORE

Veracode Directly Delivers Recommended Controls Called for by the Financial Services Industry

December 11, 2013  | Security News

A group of leading banks, insurance, and mortgage companies including Aetna, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, (among others) recently crafted recommended controls for addressing third party software security in the paper, “Appropriate Software Security Control Types for Third Party Service and Product Providers.” This paper acknowledges that conventional third party controls are... READ MORE



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