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Meaghan McBee

Meaghan McBee is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Veracode, responsible for creating content around best practices in application security and the current state of DevSecOps.

Posts by Meaghan McBee
  • New Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report Offers Words of Warning for AppSec

    A recent report from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) includes detailed plans for guiding cybersecurity policies in the United States, which the commission feels is necessary to prevent catastrophic fallout from breaches and attacks for corporations and citizens alike. The report, released to the public in early March, embraces recommendations based on six pillars that the commission… READ MORE

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  • We’re All WFH Too – Here's What We’ve Learned

    Veracoders, like many of you, are facing the new reality of working from home, all day, every day. We have some employees who were already working 100 percent remotely, but also many who were accustomed to life in the office and are making the big shift to remote life. So, it’s not surprising that some Veracoders are completely prepared for this new way of life and some are, well, working with… READ MORE

  • To Scan or Not to Scan? Why Frequency Matters for DevSecOps

    Frequency matters. We know from our 10th annual State of Software Security report (SOSS) that when development teams scan their code for security more than 300 times per year, they can reduce their security debt by five times. That’s five times less risk carried around by developers, freeing them up to focus on improving processes and tackling the most dangerous vulnerabilities. Recently,… READ MORE

  • One Veracoder’s Climb Over the Glaring Gender Gap in Tech

    "It is amazing what a woman can do if only she ignores what men tell her she can’t." — Carol K. Carr It’s no secret that there’s a gender gap in technology. While the wage gap is languidly closing between male and female computer programmers, it looms large as an indicator that there is still work to be done. According to Girls Who Code, by 2027, only 22 percent of computer scientists will… READ MORE

  • AppSec Analytics and Reporting Tools Give You the Edge of Insight

    As DevSecOps takes hold, more developers are taking on security-minded responsibilities. Instituting strong AppSec governance with policies backed by analytics and reporting enables developers to focus on real-world problems and deliver secure code ahead of schedule. It’s all in the numbers. When development and security teams invest in the right tools to speed up their processes and improve… READ MORE

  • Four Critical Steps to Speeding up DevSecOps Programs

    The power of DevSecOps is undeniable. As more organizations adopt this methodology, it’s clearer than ever that writing secure code isn’t more time-consuming or complicated than writing insecure code—it all comes down to the right tools, training, and integrations. Incorporating security-minded processes into the development cycle early and often exposes developers to flaws and vulnerabilities… READ MORE

  • Veracode Wins Three Awards for AppSec Excellence as a Leader in DevSecOps

    We’re excited to announce that we have received three awards for our innovative solutions in application and information security!                Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, named Veracode a Silver Award winner in their Application Security and Testing category for the… READ MORE

  • What Our Data Reveals About Security Debt

    It’s a habitual practice we learn from an early age; keeping track of loans and credit card bills reduces overall debt and makes it easier to bring debt down quickly, avoiding those pesky spikes in interest. That very same practice applies to software security testing. Software is tested, vulnerabilities are revealed, and unaddressed vulnerabilities build up over time as interest in the form of… READ MORE

  • Stay Sharp and Squash Security Debt with Veracode’s Security Labs

    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This renowned quote from Benjamin Franklin is a powerful mantra for refining skills in any craft, coding included. When it comes to developer training, nothing beats hands-on experience with real code customizable to the way a business runs. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new online training platform, Veracode… READ MORE

  • 6 Noteworthy Data Breaches in 2019

    2019 was a banner year for breaches. Some of the biggest victims included social media heavy-hitters Facebook and TikTok, as well as financial dynamo Capital One. They’re just the tip of the iceberg: according to Forbes, over 3,000 breaches in 2019 tallied up to 4.1 billion compromised data records. That’s a whopping 22.5 million records stolen by cyberattackers every day of last year. We know… READ MORE

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