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Hope Goslin

Hope is part of the content team at Veracode, based in Burlington, MA. In this role, she focuses on creating engaging AppSec content for the security community.

Posts by Hope Goslin
  • Making a Case for the Cloud: Customers Give Their Honest Feedback of SaaS-Based AppSec

    Before the pandemic, 70 percent of companies were in the early stages of a digital transformation. But given the current circumstances, companies are being forced to speed up those efforts. This statistic, coupled with the FBI’s findings that cyberattacks have increased by 400 percent over the last few months, supports the need for increased application security (AppSec) and the shift toward… READ MORE

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  • Open Source Libraries: Uncovering the Risks That Lurk Beneath the Surface

    The use of open source libraries to assemble applications is accelerating. Not only are more people using open source libraries, but more individual developers, and even companies, are also on a mission to contribute to more open source projects. For Veracode, we’re seeing more than 70 percent of our customer base leveraging one or more open source libraries in their applications. And that could… READ MORE

  • Cracking the Code to a Successful Remediation Plan

    Creating a remediation plan can be tricky. In fact, customers often tell us that it’s much easier to create a plan to help developers scan applications quickly and easily than it is to establish remediation goals. But if vulnerabilities aren’t remediated right away, there’s a higher chance that they will never be remediated. Our recent State of Software Security (SOSS) report found that there’s… READ MORE

  • Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Finds an Increase in Web Application Breaches

    Verizon recently published its 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), which analyzed 32,002 security incidents in 16 different industries and four different world regions. Similar to last year’s findings, the majority of breaches – 86 percent – are financially motivated, and most – 70 percent – are caused by outsiders. Credential theft, social attacks (i.e., phishing and business email… READ MORE

  • Veracode’s Leslie Bois, Robin Montague, and Lisa Quinby Earn Recognition on CRN 2020 Women of the Channel List

    Leslie Bois, Veracode’s Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, Robin Montague, Veracode's National Partner Director, and Lisa Quinby, Veracode’s Director of Global Field and Channel Marketing, have been recognized on the esteemed CRN 2020 Women of the Channel list. The annual list recognizes a select group of high-achieving women for their contributions to channel advocacy, growth,… READ MORE

  • Great Minds Think Alike: Aligning Security With Business Priorities

    Do you ever feel like security and risk professionals have a completely different set of priorities than the rest of the business? Well that’s because, at most companies, they do. Security professionals are concerned with securing things – like servers, networks, and applications – from cyber risks.  Business decision-makers are concerned with the customer experience, growing revenue, and… READ MORE

  • NIST Introduces Framework for Secure Software Development

    NIST Cybersecurity recently published a whitepaper outlining software development practices, known collectively as a secure software development framework (SSDF), that can be implemented into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to better secure applications. The outlined practices are based on pre-established standards and guidelines as well as software development practice documents. NIST… READ MORE

  • Now Is the Time for Government Agencies to up Their AppSec Game

    When it comes to application security (AppSec), Forrester’s report, The State of Government Application Security, 2020,  establishes that the government sector is falling behind other industries. And given the nature and quantity of consumer information housed by government agencies, government applications are a prime target for cyberattacks. It’s no wonder only 18 percent1 of consumers are… READ MORE

  • Massachusetts to Receive $18.2 Million in Settlement Against Equifax

    On April 17, 2020, The Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, announced that Massachusetts will receive a payout of $18.2 million in the settlement against Equifax Inc. The settlement, which was approved in a judgment on April 13, 2020, is in response to the 2017 data breach in which attackers hacked Equifax and gained unauthorized access to the personal information – including Social… READ MORE

  • Financial Sector Cybersecurity Framework Profile Consolidates Regulatory Requirements

    Cyberattacks are an all too common occurrence, especially for financial institutions. In response, we are seeing an influx of security rules and regulations for financial institutions to follow. And – although the regulations are beneficial – complying with the regulations can be time consuming and costly. According to findings from the technology division of the Banking Policy Institute (BITS… READ MORE

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