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B.J. Herbison

B.J. is a developer working on the Veracode platform. He has been a security researcher for over 25 years, and has been developing web applications for over ten. Mr. Herbison started his computer security career with the Computer Security Development Group at Digital Equipment Corporation where he presented papers on network security at the National Computer Security Conference and the CRYPTO conference. He has also worked at Kendall Square Research, Data General Corporation, HighGround Systems/Sun Microsystems, and Raytheon. Mr. Herbison earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer and Information Studies and Mathematics from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York along with a Master…

Posts by B.J. Herbison
  • Automating Good Practice Into The Development Process

    I've always liked code reviews. Can I make others like them too? I’ve understood the benefit of code reviews, and enjoyed them, for almost as long as I’ve been developing software. It’s not just the excuse to attack others (although that can be fun), but the learning—looking at solutions other people come up with, hearing… READ MORE

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  • Automation, Dog Food and a Security State of Mind

    Something unusual happened recently: I found an XSS problem in the web application controlling our security scans. Let's set the stage; I started using the Internet before it was called the Internet. I had some informal security training in college and graduate school, but when I started my first job my boss said "I'm going to make you a security expert." I've used that security training, and… READ MORE

  • Communication Skills and the Business of Security

    I am planning to purchase a Nissan Leaf, to lower my impact on our environment when I drive to work at Veracode. Some studies have put the electricity used to produce gasoline as roughly the same as the electricity needed to drive an electric car as far as the gasoline will take a typical internal combustion engine car. The exact numbers are hard to pin down and much debated, but obviously… READ MORE

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