Cyberwar – the term conjures images of futuristic warriors battling for control of Earth ala the Terminator or the Matrix. But the truth is cyberwar is just as much a part of our national history as it is a potential future crisis. And as the old adage goes “ what has happened before will happen again”. The main difference between the cyberwar of the past and the one of today, or the future is the world we live in. Back in the 1980s when cyberwar became a growing concern for our government, we did not have the world wide web or mobile devices with the power of a super computer. Nor were our businesses and economy tied to applications.

In the first installment of Veracode’s Cyber Second podcast, Fred Kaplan, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of “Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyberwar” spoke with Evan Schuman about the history of cyberwar.

Learn more about the history of cyberwar by reading Fred Kaplan's book: “Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyberwar.”

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