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Defcon 2016 Wrap Up
August 18, 2016

Vegas Cons 2016 Wrap Up

In my earlier post, I gave my thoughts on what the trends were so far part way through the set of conferences last week (BSidesLV, Blackhat, and DefCon24). In this post, I wrap up my thoughts for the week’s conferences.

There were several great talks I missed at BSides this year. Two in particular were ones I’m bummed I missed: one on FOIA requests [] (given some recent interest I’ve had in law and privacy) and one on attacking banking systems via the SWIFT protocol that is used to transfer funds between institutions []. Both sounded like really great talks.

BlackHat overall was great. The Veracode booth at the Vendor Exhibit Hall was bustling with interest throughout both days. It was a bunch of fun talking with some of our current and prospective customers and to hear just how much they value our platform and the problems it helps them address. Across the board, I think all the vendors did a stand up job in putting their booths together.

From the rest of my time at DefCon, there were more great talks and villages. The Airliner talk got canceled last minute and that was a bit of a bummer. Sounded like a great presentation. The Packet Hacking and BioHacking Villages were upstairs away from most of the other conference activity, which required a separate trip up. It would have been nice to have them together with the other villages. All in all, the goon staff still did a great job. I also wish I’d gotten my hands on one of the Car Hacking Village badges. They ran out super quick and look like loads of car hacking fun. ;-)

There were 2 talks given by Veracoders as well: Matt Cheung gave a walk through of working through the Matasano Crypto Challenges with a live CTF at the Crypto and Privacy Village. Willa Riggins also gave a great entertaining talk on data exfiltration basics (and beyond).

Tom Palarz is a Principal Security Researcher at Veracode. His primary research focus is on static analysis of languages and frameworks. He also has a bit of a knack for embedded systems and low level tech. Prior to joining Veracode, he spent several years building software and then several years breaking it. In his current role, he is helping developers and security folks alike build more secure software.

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