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February 24, 2014

It Eats Application Threats for Breakfast – and It Eats 24/7

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Application security is hard. It’s big and complex. And it just might be “the last frontier” for cyber-security (at least for now).

Unlike network or endpoint security, you can’t just put another box on the network to secure the application layer.

For one thing, there are people and processes involved — developers in São Paulo and Sri Lanka and Berlin and Houston who are under constant pressure to ship new applications.

And it doesn’t help that large organizations have thousands or tens of thousands of applications to secure, with new ones being added all the time.

These organizations have spent millions for on-premises scanning tools. But the tools are complex and every development team configures their instance differently. It's an inherently decentralized model from the “pre-cloud” era — making it even more challenging to establish standard security policies, metrics and reporting across global teams and business units.

So what happens? Most organizations take a fragmented, ad hoc approach to application security. They test only their most critical applications — and even then only from time to time — leaving the majority of their application threat surface untested.

Cyber-attackers aren’t sitting around. They continue to improve their tactics at a disquieting rate. They look for paths of least resistance, such as marketing or third-party sites you may not even know existed.

They search every obscure corner of your applications to find easy vulnerabilities like SQL injection — and unlike you, they can scan as often as they like.

As a result, the application layer is now the #1 attack vector for cyber-attackers.

So what’s up with the monster?

The monster eats application threats for breakfast. And it eats 24/7.

The monster is the full force of Veracode — your big and powerful ally that might finally help you tame the scale and complexity of application security.

It’s our fundamentally different approach. Simpler. Massively scalable. Continuously learning. Backed by world-class experts.

Smart, cloud-based, and programmatic.

Combining multiple techniques — automated static, dynamic and behavioral analysis plus manual pen testing — in a single central platform.

So you can finally implement a realistic plan for ongoing governance that reduces enterprise risk across your global application infrastructure.

And drive your innovations to market — across web, mobile and third-party applications — without sacrificing security.

Enjoy the brief PUT A MONSTER IN YOUR CORNER video — and welcome to our new web presence.

And let us know what you think — has the time finally come for us to get our arms around the AppSec challenge?

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Phil Neray is Veracode's vice-president of corporate & product marketing and has been involved with cyber-security for 15+ years. He was previously VP of security strategy and marketing at Guardium, an enterprise security company acquired by IBM. Phil is CSA-certified in cloud security (CCSK), holds a BSEE from McGill University and has a black belt in American Jiu-Jitsu.

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