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January 13, 2014

Fake Weather Channel App Serving up Malware

weather-channel-vdoTop weather app in Google Play 'Weather Channel VDO' looks to be serving more than the forecast. Capabilities include accessing device and carrier information, and examining account and file system. This app is performing Trojan like-capabilities, downloading a 466 kB file from an IP address listed as a known virus site. Findings also include an association with known adware.

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Theodora Titonis’ passion for technology began when she started programming computers at the age of seven. With an academic background in computer science, an entrepreneurial drive and a visionary acumen, she focused on the challenging field of security and privacy. By 2009, Theodora built a multi-million dollar company providing security expertise to government agencies, leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 Companies. In 2011, Theodora founded Marvin Mobile Security, launching revolutionary technology to protect enterprises from the threat of risky and malicious mobile apps. Veracode, Inc., the leader in application security, acquired Marvin in September 2012. Ms. Titonis now serves as Veracode’s Vice President of Mobile where she is recognized as an expert and influential speaker in the field of mobile security and machine learning.

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