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October 28, 2013

Our Apps Are Our Digital Lives

One of my national cyber security month activities was participating in an employee awareness day at NYU Langone Medical Center. Kudos to the infosec team for putting on a nice event. Since the audience was doctors, nurses and students my goal was to present mobile security statistics in a memorable way. I had two slides showing at a very high level how mobile malware works, but one of the main points I wanted to convey was an app doesn’t have to be malware to do you harm. Every app that resides on our devices contains information on some aspect of our lives. What games we play, who we talk to, where we work, what utilities make our lives easier are all captured by our apps on our mobile devices. Anyone armed with this information can mimic our digital lives to friends, family, colleagues and even corporate systems. Who we are and what we know is valuable information – and not just for marketing folks like me. I’ve attached the slides I used here. If you want a deeper dive into what mobile apps are doing check out the webinar that Jared Carlson recorded last month.

At Veracode, Jasmine’s efforts are focused around market research, content development and sales enablement efforts. Previously, Jasmine was a founding partner of Ptak/Noel, an industry analyst and marketing consulting firm. Prior to that she also served as director of systems and applications management at Hurwitz Group, and senior analyst at D.H. Brown Associates. Jasmine holds a bachelor of science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of science from the University of Southern California.

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