What happens when you let your application security posture go unchecked? Data breaches happen and with every breach comes a cost. As we've just witnessed in recent headlines regarding the five Eastern European computer programmers that went on a seven year hacking spree, this cost can be quite high with damages estimated to exceed $300 million. The indicted hackers gained access to the servers of more than a dozen large American companies, among them; NASDAQ, JCPenney, JetBlue Airways, Dow Jones, Visa and Discover. It's a frightening reminder of just how low a priority security is to companies when it comes to protecting sensitive data, theirs and more importantly yours. It's even more discernable when you consider the vulnerability type used to breach these companies, SQL injection, has been headlining the OWASP Top Ten for a very long time and that products or services for remediating this flaw are readily available! This infographic breaks down where the real costs of data breaches come from and offers tips that will help keep your organization's name out of the headlines. real-cost-of-a-data-breach-infographic-veracode

Neil is a Marketing Technologist working on the Content and Corporate teams at Veracode. He manages much of the Veracode web presence while also working on strategic interactive media projects. In his spare time you'll find him drinking the CrossFit kool-aid, getting overly competitive in a video game, or doting over his lovely wife and daughter.

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