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June 10, 2013

Launch Day! Mobile Application Reputation Service

mars-veracode-logoIt's a big day for us here at Veracode and those attending the the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit can be the first to get a demo of our latest product offering(Booth P). Today we're launching our Mobile Application Reputation Service or as we've come to refer to it, MARS! BYOD has been a subject at the forefront of enterprise security concerns because of its complexity and user driven nature. MARS will help enterprises and federal agencies prevent accidental data leakage due to the use of risky mobile applications.

The use of mobile apps creates a gaping security hole in enterprise IT infrastructures. Together with Veracode’s mobile application vulnerability scanning, MARS equips organizations with a comprehensive and quantitative risk analysis on mobile applications supplied by public app stores, commercial developers and enterprise developers to inform enterprises’ BYOD policies.

The MARS Platform

MARS will allow you to shine a light on the behavior of mobile applications and vet them against customized enterprise security policies. When teamed with industry-leading MDM and MAM vendors you'll have the tools you need to easily enforce BYOD risk management policies by setting up rules to automatically allow or block apps from mobile devices based on apps' risk ratings.


Over the past seven years, the Veracode Platform has scanned and analyzed billions of lines of code, including those in web and mobile applications, to help secure the world’s software. Veracode MARS is the next step in the evolution of mobile application security.

For more information on MARS visit:

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