We have a rich history of running webinars at Veracode but it seems that recently we've been doing more in house and via partner channels. Going forward you'll see a monthly update like this post detailing all our anticipated online events to hopefully make you aware of our webinars sooner and help you plan for attendance if you're interested. Without further ado here's the slate of webinars for the remainder of May!

Breached! App Attacks, Application Protection and Incident Response

Brief: This webinar will first explain software application vulnerabilities and define their various types. It will also present recent research findings about the prevalence of these vulnerabilities and their impact. From there it will discuss what organizations can do to harden their applications. Finally, the webinar will cover best practices for responding to a successful application attack.

The Intractable Problem of Software Security

Brief: We all know that applications are inherently insecure, yet some of the highest profile breaches in 2012 were the result of easily remediated coding flaws. These flaws persist in almost all the software that runs most websites and businesses; SQL injection alone affects 32% of web applications. If the current state of software security is any indication, we'll continue to hear about major data breaches in 2013 and beyond.

Join Chris Wysopal, Veracode's Co-Founder and CTO, as he discusses the current and future state of appsec. He will dive into the data that drive the predictions detailed in the Veracode's fifth annual State of Software Security Report. This report pulls data from tens of thousands of live application scans performed on the Veracode Platform.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The (In)Security of Vendor software

Brief: What vulnerabilities threaten the integrity of your software supply chain and data? Can your enterprise really influence software vendors to meet your most important security policies and remediate insecure software?

Action is needed, and urgently. An alarming 62 percent of all applications fail to reach compliance on their first submission, according to a study recently conducted by Veracode, Enterprise Testing of the Software Supply Chain. While few enterprises now have formal third-party testing programs, those that do find they dramatically improve vendor compliance while meeting industry standards.

Neil is a Marketing Technologist working on the Content and Corporate teams at Veracode. He currently focuses on Developer Awareness through strategic content creation. In his spare time you'll find him doting over his lovely wife and daughter. He is a Co-Owner of CrossFit Amoskeag in Bedford NH, his favorite topic is artificial intelligence, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

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