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May 23, 2013

Twitter Two-Steps Harder Than a Skrillex Show on Ice

aint-nobody-got-timeNothing’s free in this world, especially not when it comes to security. With Twitter officially cramping your style, you are now forced you to waste precious seconds you could be tweeting, by instead waiting for a verification code to be delivered to your phone just so you can login. The thing about options is that you have them…and options tend to let people remain lazy. Options also carry consequences which never make sense until they actually happen to you. That being said, Twitter gives you the option to activate two-factor authentication, but first…you are going to have to link a phone-number to your account. As the plot thickens, it also doesn’t yet scale for those with the biggest targets on their backs. Media outlets cannot afford to sacrifice the coverage they get with multiple users on staff for a little bit of security….but this is only the first round from Twitter, as they have informed us all to “Stay tuned”. So maybe it is less likely we will be seeing tweets announcing Justin Bieber’s birth to Siamese monkey twins at the Anne Frank House in the coming weeks, but knowing your Twitter account is (more) secure is worth it, right? I know we all love the instant gratification that comes from the massive amount of irrelevant nonsense Twitter delivers around the world; the very concept of a tweet is that thoughts and opinions (assuming they are Keep fighting the good fight my friends. Until next time, “help us, help you”.

With over 12 years of experience in the security industry, Caitlin brings with her a welcomed knowledge base of relevancy and real world use cases to her role as Sr. Solutions Architect at Veracode. Her passion for fighting the good fight – for both prospects and customers alike - directly relates to her standing behind solutions which enable organizations to embrace security, before a breach occurs. With no real filter, Caitlin offers honest guidance down the road to security, always keeping the underlying business objectives in mind.

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