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May 15, 2013

Can You Name the Members of the Veracode Research Team?

Our entire Research team is in town this week for a round table catch up and this fun artist's rendition of them materialized. Given that I haven't personally met them all I was unable to identify a few of them by these cartoons. I figured I'd turn to our trusty community to help me out, comment below if you you think you know an avatar's human counterpart with the number next to them and their full name.


Bonus Question!

Who is this tablet toting technomancer?


The first to correctly identify any Veracoder will be credited below by name or Twitter handle!

  1. Isaac Dawson (@_wirepair) by @c0ntr0llerface
  2. Chris Eng (@chriseng) by @hackerhuntress
  3. Brandon Creighton (@unsynchronized) by X30n
  4. Fred Owsley (@fredowsley) by @gwenkrauss
  5. Ryan O'Boyle (@523) by @c0ntr0llerface
  6. Bonus: Melissa Elliott (@0xabad1dea) by @hackerhuntress

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