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April 16, 2013

Webinar: The (In)Security of Vendor-Supplied Software

Wednesday, April 17th - 1pm ET: Register Now!

chad-holmesWhat vulnerabilities threaten the integrity of your software supply chain and data? Can your enterprise really influence software vendors to meet your most important security policies and remediate insecure software? Enterprises are taking on unbounded risk as a result of increased investment in outsourced, commercial, SaaS, mobile and open source applications. Enterprises are leaving themselves particularly vulnerable because buyers so rarely think to secure the software they purchase. Why accept this risk?

According to the recently released State of Software Security report, an alarming 62 percent of all applications fail to comply with enterprise security standards on their first submission. Action is needed, and urgently. Though only a handful of enterprises have formal third-party testing programs, those that do find these programs dramatically improve vendor compliance while meeting industry standards.

Join Global Product Manager of Veracode’s Supply Chain Security Program, Chad Holmes, as he discusses how enterprises can get started on their own third-party testing program or improve existing initiatives. This webinar will outline the challenges facing enterprises, vendors and analysis teams, as well as break down best practices for achieving measurable results.

To register for this webinar click here.

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