Veracode is in the business of providing automated static (SAST) and dynamic application security testing software and remediation services. From time to time we develop simple applications or tools to help address specific business requirements, or to highlight a piece of security research. These applications are not intended for commercial sale and are not part of the Veracode Platform.

As part of our mission to secure the world’s software, and in the interest of being a good corporate citizen, we decided to release these tools to promote the use of secure software. We are delighted to offer these tools as free downloads from a new Web Security Tools section on our site. The toolkit includes:

  • SmartShare: More Secure Social Sharing Plugin - New!
  • DNS Checker: Discover if your domain has DNS diversity.
  • AdiOS: Scan the apps on your mobile iOS device and learn which apps are accessing your contacts.

Introducing SmartShare: Safer Private Social Sharing

SmartShare is the first Veracode Tool to be formally released in our Security Tools section. SmartShare is an on-site social sharing tool. SmartShare is a more secure, private, and efficient, alternative to commercial sharing tools such as AddThis and ShareThis.

Social Sharing tools like AddThis, ShareThis, and CMS plugins that provide sharing, are ubiquitous. Every marketer and social website owner understands the value of easy social sharing functions and every contemporary website utilizes some on-site bookmark sharing tool. The Veracode Marketing team was no exception. However, being a security company, the Veracode Marketing Team is held to a very high security standard, yet we understand the critical importance of social sharing in achieving our online marketing goals. We were faced with a choice between not using social sharing at all or developing a more secure tool of our own. We chose the latter and now we want to share it with others. Check out SmartShare: Safer Social Sharing

What it does

SmartShare is simple to install and simple to use. Social Sharing buttons/links are preset to recognize the URL of the page they appear on, allowing visitors to quickly propagate content to their digital/social networks. The SmartShare plugin differs in a few important ways;

  • No user tracking
  • Sharing with a limited set of ‘trusted’ social networks. Veracode’s sharing tool shares Javascript with only 4 trusted networks
  • Locally hosted and security reviewed Third-party JavaScript
  • Use of IFRAME to commingle untrusted content with our existing site layout
  • No advertisements

Try SmartShare

It's safer and free, why not? Head on over to our SmartShare page for installation instructions and the full source code. While you're there don't forget to check out our other great web security tools AdiOS and DNS Checker.

In the coming days I will go into additional detail on why we built this tool and how we built it.

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About Fergal Glynn

Fergal Glynn joined Veracode in 2008. Fergal is currently responsible for lead generation activities including content marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, webinar marketing, social media, and optimizing the marketing and sales funnel. Fergal spent his first two years at Veracode as a Product Manager.

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