Everything that comes in threes is perfect.

Everything that comes in threes is perfect. Just a little over a year ago, Veracode kicked off its first Hackathon, in August we were back at it again, and I am thrilled to report that we just skidded across the finish line on our third. There’s an incredible amount of momentum building around our Hackathon culture, and this time over 100 Veracoders participated from every part of the company. Over the three days of the Hackathon, code was churned out at a furious pace, circuits were soldered, strings of LEDs made our office visible from nearby Route 3, PVC was modified in ways that strike fear in the hearts of potatoes everywhere, and not a single person lamented about not having any serious meetings to attend. Our goal for the Hackathon is clear: work on something that interests and excites you and hopefully you’ll learn something along the way. It’s not a stretch to say that every Veracoder that participated learned something new: technology skills, process hacks, new hobbies, public speaking, standup comedy - nothing (legal) was off limits. And Veracode as a whole is now a smarter, more innovative company than it was three days earlier. After three of the most energetic and lively days I can remember at Veracode, we convened to witness close to 60 hacks that were ready for demo. 88% of hackers said they achieved their basic goal for the Hackathon, and we watched with amazement for three hours as we saw just how much Veracoders are capable of in three short days. Some of the most exciting hacks include:


  • An Army of imperial marching, rick-rolling Roombas – Chris Lytle, Marc Moesse
  • Chris Eng teaching our sales team how to hack
  • Implementing the long awaited developer sandboxes in the Veracode Platform - B.J. Herbison & Montana Foertsch
  • Veracode office memes – Tyler White
  • Hacking a car’s keyless entry remote with a software-defined radio – Chris Wysopal
  • A Veracode results to WAF rules importer – Steve Braverman & B.J. Herbison
  • A custom Rails site to register Hackathon projects and help people team up – Ryan O’Boyle
  • A Veracode.TV studio for filming video blogs – Neil DuPaul
  • An API for our Support team to use when working with customer integrations – Christopher Field
  • Old server hardware decommissioning involving <redacted> - Jim Waldrop & Fred Owsley

So as you can tell, we’re really excited about all of the creativity that emerged from this Hackathon, and can’t wait to start showing off some of the benefits in our product and service that directly originated from these hacks. We even shipped a few hacks in our 2013.1 release that went out on January 28th! The Hackathon team has already started collecting feedback on how things went and planning towards our next one this summer, and hackers throughout Veracode are on notice that they’ll have to raise the bar yet again. Something tells me they’ll have no trouble blowing our minds. Veracode’s Hackathon Team: Anne Nielsen Janette Lynch, Mark Kriegsman, Chris Lytle, Jim Lynch & Ryan O’Boyle -Jim

Jim Lynch is a member of the Product Management team and joined Veracode in early 2011. Jim is currently responsible for product strategy and design for several aspects of the Veracode platform, most notably the Analytics and eLearning products. Jim leads the customer requirement definition, roadmap planning, feature design, and development of new products and features in these two areas. Jim also leads Veracode’s Innovation prog



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